CP12 Gas Safety Certificate

What is a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate:

A CP12 Gas Safety Certificate is a document showing that the inspections required by law have been carried out for all gas appliances owned by landlords, (including boiler, cooker, fire) people putting their property on the market, or annually for tenanted accommodation, before a tenancy starts, or when a tenancy changes.

A CP12 Gas Certificate is compulsory under the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1994 (as amended).

A CP12 Certificate is a legal document showing that the appliances are working safely and that they have no gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

A CP12 safety certificate must be undertaken by a gas safe registered engineer and can only be issued if the appliance meets all regulations.

When a CP12 certificate is carried out the findings must be accurately recorded and any remedial work carried out as soon as possible.

The CP12 Gas Safety Certificate comes in 3 parts, one part to be kept by the Landlord, one to be issued to the tenant(s) and the third to be kept by the gas safe registered engineer.