Gas Boilers Servicing

Gas boilers servicing is checking, cleaning, testing and pre-emptive fault finding. The emphasis is on testing all the different aspects and functions of the appliance to ensure correct and safe operation and also to make sure there are no Carbon Monoxide leaks

7 reasons to have gas boilers servicing done:

• To safeguard your system against expensive breakdowns
• To check for dangerous gas or Carbon Monoxide leaks or boiler faults
• To extend the life of your boiler
• To increase boiler efficiency
• To use less gas, so save money
• To reduce your carbon CO2 emissions
• Give you piece of mind that your boiler is working safely

What’s included in gas boilers servicing:

• During gas boilers servicing your gas boilers, controls, heat exchanger, ignition and components will all be checked and cleaned
• Ventilation and gas soundness will be tested
• Combustion Analysis tests (in accordance with Health and Safety regulations)
• Gas pressure checked according to manufacturers regulations
• The boiler seal is tested
• Visual inspection is carried out to check for corrosion and leaks
• Emptying of any condensate trap waste

Things not to do to gas boilers:

• Do not attempt to use any gas boilers that you think may be faulty (warning signs can include flames that are yellow or orange, stained or sooty appliances and pilot lights which frequently go out).
• Do not cover the gas boilers in any way or block air vents on appliances
• Do not obstruct or block ventilation points.
• Do not cover or block flues.

To book in your gas boilers servicing please call Landlords Gas Certificates on 020 3394 2168 or send us an email to