Gas safety certificates, are they really safe?

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A coroner has called upon the gas industry to rethink its risk categories whilst doing a gas safety inspection of gas appliances. This is following the death of a young lady who drowned in the bath after inhaling Carbon Monoxide fumes from her boiler. Prior to the incident, the boiler had been certified ‘at risk’ only three months earlier. The young lady’s husband is adamant that the gas engineer had not warned them of how dangerous the appliance was which is why they did not rush and get it fixed. The husband claimed that the couple was not told to stop using the boiler by the professional. The coroner said that the levels and dangers should be made clearer and that any issue with a gas appliance should be deemed as dangerous and that the continuous use of the appliance should be stopped immediately.

For the safety of your family you should always ensure that you have carbon monoxide alarm installed and that all gas cookers, gas boilers and gas fires are inspected annually by a gas safe registered engineer.

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